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WARNING: The following might be the DUMBEST marketing idea you’ve ever heard…

Hey… my name is Ben Cummings.

Nice to meet ya.

I’m going to start with a rather… strange … piece of advice. Ready for it?

What if I told you … that it’s a VERY smart idea to wire your Marketing Plan assuming abysmal, loser, pathetic, worst case results?

Stick with me here. I’m not crazy:)

– – > Tell me if this sounds all-too-familiar < – –

A doctor buys into the latest and greatest “advertising fad” touted in an industry trade publication. He buys the Kollosal Ads course and boy oh boy this ad is going to get him 24 patients every week… right?

The Doctor gets all charged up, runs the ad, but he’s not doing anything else that month because after all this ONE magic ad is going to save his practice, remember?

But then he discovers the results are… um… a little shy of expected results.

” If you assume good results…”

chiropractic marketing chirobully

” But what if it doesn’t pan out? ”

Answer: Your month is screwed.

marketing chiropracticNow here’s a thought.

What if we instead constructed a winning Marketing Plan based on the assumption of bare minimal results?

” Totally different approach, right? ”

In other words, let’s construct a marketing plan such that you can get CRAPPY results and STILL hit your marketing goals and be bringing in 40-50 new patients monthly.

Doesn’t that idea make a lot more sense?

This Underachiever Marketing Mindset goes something like this:

“Wire Your Marketing Plan Assuming the Worst Case Result is Gonna Happen, So That We Can Still Hit Every Goal Even With Pathetic Marketing Results.”

Learning this SINGLE idea from me, a chiropractor was able to buy a 1.3 Million Dollar dream home overlooking the Colorado mountains. Hmm… maybe it really works, ya think??

Ben Cummings - chiropractic marketing

“Hi” – If you don’t know already I’m Ben Cummings and the creator of the busiest chiropractic marketing website on the planet called the Practice Building Center.

Now if you don’t know anything about me – that’s fine. You can read all about me here. Otherwise, don’t abandon this page just yet, because I’m just gettin’ to the good stuff…

No more rolling the dice on one big bet. Got me? Save that approach for the blackjack table… not your marketing plan. Do we have a deal?

Ok, let me teach you some marketing math that we use all the time.

It has formed the basis for some VERY successful chiropractic marketing plans that have averaged 40-50 new patients monthly.

” Here’s the marketing math we stick to: ”

In the “real world”, we have found that ONE marketing system will reliably bring in about 1 to 3 new patients monthly.

chiropractor marketing math

“Wow Ben, that’s depressingly low sounding.”

Yeah but remember our “plan for the worst and get the best” approach? Trust me. This really works.

On the next page I will explain why …

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